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Dusk of Dawns: The White Dragon War


Summary: These events take place prior to Orphan Quest, centuries before Basil and the others embark on their journey to seek the statues and revive the White Dragon. Discover how he became a statue, and follow the saga of the dragons during the fall of the greatest of them. Relive the reasons for the near extinction of their species... in this epic civil war.

K.E. Milrona writes the story and Tsar'Lena illustrates the history of her Cave, and the fall of the dragons. Read the graphic novel on Tapas:" target="_blank">Dusk of Dawns.

Consider becoming a  Patron  to support explore Tsar'Lena's artistic world. Or, you can make a one-time donation to her cause below and receive a poster of Legends' mate, the Fluorescent Fire Dragon. However, the web comic is completely free.

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