Coyote's Blessings


Guest Artists


Horse provided a bio for us.

I have an AS in Veterinary Technology, which is why my works may include complimentary cat hair. I love to dance and have spent most of my life studying ballet, jazz, lyrical jazz, tap, whatever I could get into. And of course, I was begging for horseback riding lessons by the age of 4.

I finally got lessons at 7 and was fortunate enough to be
able to go to summer horse camps through junior high and high school. I love most species of animals, but the horse has always been my totem, with its incredible peace, centeredness, and connection to the spiritual world as well as the physical world.

Horse can be reached via email:

Lynx is a long-time friend of Coyote and Crow. She enjoys being the mother of her two boys, and dreams of owning an alpaca ranch.

Her contributions to Coyote's Blessings are the elegant and intricate hand-knotted Dreamcatchers. Known in various circles as Mandalas, Gods' Eye, Hopi Eye as well as other names. Their circular shape represents cycles, eternal circles and many things depending on the belief of the viewer. However, whatever their origins or names, their fine workmanship and vibrant hues bring color and grace to any home.  Although these can be custom ordered, variations in designs and colors may occur.

Lynx can be reached via email:

Owl's work on our site include a hand-knitted blanket and table runner. She comes from an artistic background, her other works include paintings and beaded jewelry.