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Window Cling
Information and Care Sheet

We no longer keep window clings in stock; however they can be custom ordered by contacting us.

New Window Clings


When you first receive your window cling, inspect it for cracks or smears. If you are unsatisfied with the window cling, please read the “Returning Clings” section. If you are satisfied, continue reading!


To place it anywhere, pull it off the backing. Please retain the backing and bag for future storage. Smooth the cling carefully on to windows, mirrors or any glass surface (how about the fish tank?). Place the smooth side toward the surface as this is the ‘sticky’ side.



Care Instructions


Window Clings come with convenient storage bags. These are an excellent place to store them when not in use. This will ensure your window cling does not collect dust or other debris while not in use.


Do not stick window clings together as they are difficult to take apart when this occurs. They tend to fuse and may be destroyed.


Window Clings will become brittle after time. This is part of the natural aging process of the product. Despair not! They can be saved. If you notice a cling becoming brittle, simply spray with water or blot with a dampen paper towel. This will revive the window cling.


If a Window Cling is wet for any reason (you, sticky hands, rain, etc.) please leave it alone and allow it to dry. While very wet, window clings become gummy and can easily break. Do not move it, or you may damage it. When it is completely dry, it should return to normal. Some color oozing may occur.



Removing Clings


If you would like to remove them from their current location, first spritz them with a light dosing of water. Gently rubbing then with a sodden paper towel will work too. Toilet paper is not advised as it will leave particles on the cling. Allow the water to soak into the cling for a few minutes. Then, test an edge. The window cling should come up as easily as it came off the placard. If it does not, add more water and wait. The paper towel may come away with color on it. That is OK too. It should not interfere with the brightness of the window cling.



Returning Clings


If the window cling breaks or is in any way not satisfactory, you may return it and we will replace it. Please return the entire thing – the window cling and the bag. We will repair it or replace it, free of charge. You pay for the shipping to us, and we will pay for the shipping back to you. That’s it!